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Sunday, May 23, 2010

What I Like About Him

Photo by: Diane Velasquez

May 23, 2010
I was cleaning out my desk this morning when I happened upon a crumpled piece of paper covered with light pencil markings. Fortunately, a scrutinizing eye and attention to detail helped me realize that this was not another of my voluminous unpaid bills but a note of some sort from my daughter Nicolette. The paper was yellowed from age and exposure to light. It surprised me that the paper had survived previous cleanings. By the contents, I estimated this was written in the summer of 2006 as we were all anxiously awaiting the arrival of my youngest daughter Brianna Elizabeth.

After washing away a face full of tears, I had to assure my now two year old that Daddy is ok. Many of us place pictures here on "face" book and that is one of the many reasons behind its enormous success. It's one of the reasons we don't have a social networking site called "word" book. It was Confucius that once said "
a picture is worth a thousand words," yet, ironically enough, when we think of Confucius, we think not of a picture of the old sage, but of his words (Paul Harvey). So, I present to you a daughter's love for her Daddy in her words. She was 10 when she authored this.

The paper was titled
 What I Like About Him.
My dad is very important to me. I love my dad because, well he's my dad. He is very nice to my sis and I. We always go places and have fun.

One place we go to a lot is New York. My dad worked in tower one of the twin towers. We would go all the time. It was tons of fun. New York is like a backyard to us.

Another thing is my parents have been divorced for half my life. So now he has a girlfriend, her name is Michelle. She is pregnant with my new half sister! She's due in October. I can't wait! We will have so much fun with Brianna Elizabeth Velasquez

My dad is my best friend ever. If I ever don't feel good he's a paramedic. So, he comes and helps me. Soon he'll be helping Michelle and Brianna. My sis and I will be helping him.

In other words my dad is super special to me, I love my dad. I'd do anything for him. I wish he couldn't die ever.

And so, my friends (wiping a tear from his eye) I share with you the words of a ten year old (spelling and grammatical errors included) to her Daddy. Unscripted, without prompting -- from her little heart to your eyes.

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