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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Tears of September

by Steven Velasquez
September 16, 2011

With a deep sigh and a glance at the changing weather, it quite unfortunately is time to say buh-bye butterfly fries.  Peace out pretzels.  Ciao Kohr's custard.  Ta ta taffy and farewell to funnel cake.  We'll be back again next summer (God willing).  These thoughts rattled about my mind as I passed the closed shops and stands, during a cathartic stroll along the boardwalk at Point Pleasant this week.

Point Pleasant, NJ

Brianna enjoys summer's end at the shore
It was ten years and a day after hate-filled terrorists scarred the beautiful mental landscape of serene summer's past.  Now, and I anticipate for at least the rest of my summers, the seasons' end will always lead up to a tear-filled week in September filled with hugs, fond memories, prayer and reflection.  Those were the reasons I finally took a night to myself and partnered with my youngest, my angel, for some salt-water therapy and the touch of her little hand before it too changes and needs mine no more.

I remember seasons seemingly lasting forever as a child.  There were the endless summers, long, cold winters and a fair share of the others between.  Now, as I enter my forty third year in a few days, they appear to turn on and off, as if on a switch.  My former "little hands" are now 21 and 15.  The last in the series turns 5 in October.

I do wonder how their minds perceive the seasons.  Do they see them as long and drawn out as I once did?  Or is the world really spinning faster and they see time passing as quickly as I do?  I pray not. Does youth alter the perception of time or does age?    Are they equally as stunned and disappointed by the season's haste? Do they too wish they could slow things down just a tad?

Do they too shed Daddy's "tears of September?"

"Farewell to Summer"

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