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Friday, February 10, 2012

People That Annoy Me...

by Steven P. Velasquez
Feb. 9, 2012

There's an old French adage "to never bullshit a bullshitter".

Every now and again, my life's path intersects with someone who wants me to believe something -- like somewhere they once worked.  My natural instinct is to believe that person; right up to the point where facts collide with a person's emotional needs.

When you're going to try to pass a story (usually for self-aggrandizement) that you worked in the World Trade Center, consider two possibilities:
  1. That you may be in the presence of those of us who actually did...  
  2. That your audience might actually know how to use a search engine.

Be advised that your emotional need to create drama and drive the focus toward yourself...

  1. Is sad, pathetic and annoying
  2. Is disrespectful to everyone we ALL lost
  3. Make sure that when you give me a floor # and company name.. 
    • That you can remember a feature or two about the place     
    • That "your employer" actually existed there at the time!

Or how about this?  Why don't you just introduce yourself to me... tell the truth... and let me make an assessment as to whether I'd like to spend more time with you without insulting my intelligence or worse, displaying utter contempt for the people who legitimately suffered or sacrificed on and since that day?


  1. I'm amazed people are still trying to use this tragedy to promote their egos and hero status's. Having run my own squad's response that day from my desk at work, relying on my trusty Nextel and other ancient means of communication, i can remember the myriad past members showing up to jump on the rigs and respond. Then being cursed out by same said patriots when explaining ICS, the need to protect our primary and BTW, to be certified. But the biggest memory was from the crew of cross-trained hardened veterans every time they were moved to meet patients, only to be told nobody was left to come. The dejection in their voices that there was nobody left to help. And those ex-members who showed up to go giv'em hell? They're all still ex-members.

  2. Thank you for your response. I know none of that could have been easy.