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Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Can Write Like the Newspapers Do!

by Steven P. Velasquez
April 8, 2012

People who do what I do for a living (Emergency Medical Services) know the frustration of going out, diving headlong into someone's personal nightmare, exposing themselves to illness, danger and sometimes, even mortal danger while doing so, just to read the morning daily and have some story written about something that you remember being directly involved in, less than 24 hours ago, that looks, sounds and is nothing like what you just experienced!  In the northeastern U.S., we call this 'News' 
[nooz, nyooz] Noun  usually used with a singular verb )1.a report of a recent event; intelligence; information.

One has to have special education to collect, analyze and report the 'news' in either verbal, written or video form.  We call these people 'journalists.'  

I've always admired journalists dating back to my high-school days with those talented (and geeky) enough to participate in the writing of the school newspaper.  They'd always look very busy and industrious with their notepads held tight and sharpened #2 pencils over their ears.  Some eccentrics would even wear strange looking hats that made them look like throwbacks to the 1940's, like some intrepid reporter type guy with a nickname like "Scoop."

Over the past several years, I've taken to writing and have received strong praise, criticism and encouragement from many people.  Some think I should author a book.  Who knows what the future holds?  Today, my fascination is with writing for a newspaper, with one caveat though, I have to be allowed to write like they do.  Completely and wholly unaccountable for any of the facts.

Any of my brethren in the field can read below and know EXACTLY what I'm talking about. 

Here is today's report from the field.  

Fire Department Averts Easter Tragedy Rescues Motorist - Jersey City, NJ

AP and SNN (Steve News Network)
April 8, 2012

Earlier today after battling a six-alarm fire that consumed ten homes in Jersey City and required the additional help of the fire departments of Newark, Bayonne and North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue to bring under control, FDJC's Engine 14 and Ladder 7 responded to Oakland and the State Highway West to a reported motor vehicle collision involving a utility pole.  

Ladder 7 - FDJC

The critically injured motorist was reported to have lost control of their vehicle before jumping the curb and striking the pole which landed upon their vehicle, trapping the motorist inside. 

The fire departments' resources, bleary eyed and battered from the nights events, fought through their fatigue, suited up -- and answered the call.  Someone was hurt and in need, and this is what this elite, and very special group of men and women do every day of every year; even on a holy and special day like Easter.

Engine 14 - FDJC
Upon their arrival, the battalion chief, like a shepherd tending to his flock, quickly established command, positioned his resources and instructed law enforcement to shut down traffic in either direction to protect his people's safety.

Hastily, the firefighters assembled a special tool called the jaws of life (a hydraulic spreading tool used to gain access to people trapped in motor vehicles or beneath other obstacles) and began carefully and skillfully cutting the motor vehicle away from the injured motorist.
First responders and EMS'ers from the Jersey City Medical Center arrived and drove the injured motorist to the hospital where he is listed in stable condition.

Ambulance Drivers prepare to "rush" the injured to the hospital

No firefighters or police officers were injured at the scene.



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