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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back On the Chain Gang

August, 15, 2012
by Steven P. Velasquez

“They're going to put y’all back in chains.”  (Vice President of our country and President Obama's 'Chief of Gaff' Joe Biden)

The great panderer Joe Biden addressed a group of Virginian's yesterday, first with his pandering, then with his all too common, and often offensive, blundering. 

First, the Veep addressed the crowd as "Y'all" (not Biden's speech pattern EVER, except of course when pandering).  Y'all, south of the Mason Dixon line, is a southerner's endearing way of saying "you all" (that's a contraction for the publicly schooled).  Here in NJ, a group might be addressed as "you guys" or "you's guys" depending on the region.  In Obama speak, he refers to everyone as "folks," almost to a fault.  He drives me  a little crazy when he uses that term.  In fact, I believe  had O been a founding father, we might have evolved as a nation "Of the folks, by the folks and for the folks," but I digress.  Optionally, some may hear the ever-inflammatory "you people" as Ross Perot learned once upon a 1992 campaign speech, to none other than the NAACP.  Actor and film-maker Adam Sandler hysterically capitalized on people's sensitivities in his box office smash "Anger Management,"  which earned his character an embarrassing tazing aboard a jet-liner.

I'm of the opinion that Vice President Biden is suffering from residual brain damage from his two brain aneurysms that once earned him his "last rights" and since may have left him a bit uninhibited.  The man has no filter and is unable to restrain himself socially.  If he is not affected by that, as the cause for the gaff-machine's daily blunders, then he is just a less than sane, and questionably crazy individual unworthy of our nation's second highest office.

Either way, the man is unfit for this position and certainly is not the person I would want with his unrestrained finger on the nuclear button. I'm beginning to think the Secret Service should keep a tazer at the ready for any time the veep speaks.

It would be hysterical if it weren't so very sad.