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Thursday, January 24, 2013

"At this point, does it matter?" - The Serenade of Obstructionism

Outgoing Secretary of State Hillry R. Clinton feigns outrage at Senator Ron Johnson (R) of Wisconsin

by Steven P. Velasquez

January 24, 2013

Click here to see Secretary Clinton's heated exchange

Yes Madam Secretary, it matters!  It matters to the informed.  It matters to the concerned.  It matters to the families and loved one's of the deceased.  It matters to Americans and it matters to those who wish to destroy us.  How dare you suggest it doesn't matter?  Your boss and this administration demonstrates mastery of this tactic.  You obstruct, deny, delay and distract until this uninformed, easily distracted society completely forgets what happened and not a one of you - is ever held accountable for your actions or inactions.  So much for the most transparent government in this nation's history.

Here you finally show up after your tragic concussion, dehydration, hospitalization nonsense  and illustrate contempt toward the most valid question you faced?   It's the only question that mattered!  You blamed a YouTube video!  You continued to blame the video, the protest etc... and sent all your media lap dogs after the creator of the video, as these bodies grew cold, their lives hemorrhaging from within them and the memory of what happened quickly being sanitized like a scene from the 1997 hit, "Men In Black." 

Meanwhile back at the ranch, those who voted for you twice are concerned about pressing issues like Lance Armstrong, Kim Kardashian and Michelle Obama's bangs and clothing choice.

What better circumstances could one ask for than to be a part of this deceitful administration, with its' willful accomplices in the media,  a highly distracted and poorly informed society, and to skillfully sing the Serenade of Obstructionism.

Go to sleep America, shhhhhh, it's okay, the socialists are here.

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