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Granting "Sirenity" is a collection of thoughts, observations and points of view offered through the unique prism of an EMS Paramedic. The title is actually a play on words born of "The Serenity Prayer" and the ubiquitous sound of the siren, ever-present in my life.

Unlike many, my career choice is one that many say is a "calling." It's a career that gets entangled in the very fabric of one's being. It alters the way we see things; sometimes for positive, others negative. It often robs us of our excuses, particularly when we're feeling blue and would like to complain about something. All we need to do is appear for another shift at work and we're quickly reminded of all the reasons we need to knock it off, get over it, get down on our knees and give thanks for all that we do have.

I write passionately about my job, my children, my photography, my Harley Davidson and all things interesting to me. My friends have been cheering me on for years that I've somehow missed my calling, or need to write a book.

The only thing we ask of our readers is for their feedback. At the bottom of each post, you can either email us, leave comments publicly, "Like" it and send it to Facebook and a few other methods. We need exposure and criticism to help us steer toward success. Your help is appreciated.

I now place this collection of words before you and seek your honest opinions and feedback. I'll thank you in advance for lending me your attention.